Monday, October 3, 2011

My Inheritence

My inheritance...

I saw my father running in my direction. Suddenly, I was afraid.
"What is happening?"
He was out of breath, hardly able to open his mouth.
"Me too, me too... They told me to stay in the camp."
They had recorded his number without his noticing.....He felt time was running out. He was speaking rapidly, he wanted to tell me so many things. His speech became confused, his voice choked...
"Here, take this knife," he said. "I won't need it anymore. You may find it useful. Also take this spoon. Don't sell it. Quickly! Go ahead, take what I'm giving you!"
My inheritance....

So much has changed in so little time. Just a few years earlier Elie had a different inheritance. What would his inheritance have been if he had not been sent to Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buna?
What value does Elie's inheritance have? Do believe that the inheritance he now has is just as equal in value to what he might have had? Why/Why not?

Imagine that you are Elie (if you can), what would you say to your father when he was trying to give you the only thing he owned before he died?

Now, think about what type of inheritance you expect to receive in your life? What value would this inheritance be for you? How would your inheritance be equal to what Elie received?

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  1. In response to Addison's blog post, I agree that the non Jewish community members were scared of what the German soldiers would do if they tried to help the Jews.